Bamboo Shoots and Yucca Soup

Bamboo Shoots and Yucca Soup




10 min


15 min


Pork rib lets or pork ribs, cut to bite sizes 0.45 kg
Small canned, 5 oz sliced bamboo shoot, drained 1
Fresh yucca root,peeled and cut chunks or ½ lb frozen peeled yucca, defrosted and cut chunks 0.45 kg
Small yellow onion, chopped 1
Cups water 5
Tablespoons fish sauce 2
Tablespoon sugar ½
Teaspoon black pepper ¼
Fresh saw leaf herb,chopped 5

Pork ribs with bamboo shoots and yucca root soup is very yummy and very easy Khmer recipe.


  1. Put pork ribs, bamboo shoots, yucca, onion and water in a soup pot, cook till ribs and yucca tender.
  2. Seasoning with fish sauce, sugar and black pepper.
  3. Top with saw leaf.
  4. Serve hot with rice.


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