Khmer Beef Spring Roll

Khmer Beef Spring Roll




15 min


10 min


Lean grounded beef 0.50 kg
Cloves garlic,minced 2
Cup diced yellow onion 1
Cup diced jicima 1
Tablespoon sugar 1
Tablespoon soy sauce 1
Tablespoon oyster sauce 1
Tablespoon fish sauce 1
Teaspoon cornstarch 1
Teaspoon black pepper ¼
Package,50 pieces spring roll pastry shells 1
Egg, egg white only 1
Cups vegetable oil for deep fry 6

Beef spring roll with Jamaica is very delicious Khmer appetizer. Back home, due to high cost beef, beef spring roll is considering luxury food which usually reserve for special occasion.


  1. In a large bowl , mixed grounded beef with garlic, onion and jicima together, add sugar, soy sauce, oyster sauce, fish sauce, corn starch and black pepper, mix well and set it a side.
  2. Gentle pulls out each spring roll shell to separate from other shells.
  3. Lay one sheet flat on a cutting board or plate, spoons some meat filling and put on 1/3 of the shell.
  4. Wrap meat filling in spring roll shell, roll it tight and seal the end with egg white. Continue to make spring roll till filling gone.

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