Roasted Duck Noodle Soup

Roasted Duck Noodle Soup



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15 min

Delicious egg noodles with roasted duck soup is one of the most popular Sino-Khmer recipes. It is one of the best Asian recipes in South East Asia. Cambodian people like  to prefer cooking this kind of food. Let’s start to make Roasted Duck Noodle Soup with me.


Cups water 8
Package egg noodles, fresh noodles usually stores in refrigerators at most Asian markets 1
Chicken bones 1 kg
Yellow onion, peeled 1
Cloves garlic, peeled 2
Teaspoon salt 1
Cube Maggie chicken bouillon 1
Teaspoon five spice powder ¼
Cups water 8
Tablespoon fish sauce 1
Tablespoon sugar 1
Teaspoon black pepper ¼
Cups water 4
Chinese broccoli, cut off roots, washed and drained 0.25 kg
Roast duck, cut chunks bite sizes, roast duck recipe 1
Stalks green onion, chopped 3
Teaspoon roasted onion 1
Teaspoon roasted garlic 1

Directions to make Roasted Duck Noodle Soup

  1. Cook 8 cups water in a large pot till water bubbling, add noodle to boiling water, stirs and cook till noodle tender( do not over cook). Pour cooked noodle in a colander, rinses under cold water and set a side to drain.
  2. In a large soup pot, put chicken bones with whole onion, garlic, salt,chicken bouillon, all spice powder and water together. Cook in low heat for at least 1 hour, removes chicken bones, onion and garlic from soup broth, keep only broth.
  3. Seasoning broth with fish sauce, sugar and black pepper, stirs and keep broth simmering on stove.
  4. Cook 4 cups water in a large pot, add Chinese broccoili to boiling water and cook for 2 minutes or to your liking. Pour cooked vegetable in a colanderand set a side to drain.


  1. Turn up cooking temperature to high when ready to serve. Put some egg noodles in a bowl, add few pieces roasted duck and a stalk boiled Chinese broccoli, add some green onion, roasted onion, roasted garlic and pour hot soup broth over. Serve hot along with hoisin sauce and Sambal Olekek chili paste.

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