Mustard Green Pickle

Mustard Green Pickle



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Crisp homemade sweet and sour mustard green pickle *spee chrout* is delicious. *Spee chrout* to Khmer is like Kim Chi to Korean. Some people prefers very hot also, with a lot chili pepper except we don’t use garlic. We use *spee chrout* for soup, stir-fry, appetizer *mahope sar*, but most of the times, we eat spee chrout as salad along with rice , with fried or grilled fish *trey chien kor ang*, with fish or meat caramelized dish *trey kor sach kho*, and for take along to picnic. Authentic spee chrout recipe we save water from rinsing rice to boiled the mustard green. It is one of the best Asian recipes in South East Asia. Cambodian people like  to prefer cooking this kind of food for serving their family and friends. Let’s start to make Mustard Green Pickle with me.


Cups water from rinses rice(option) or 6 cups water 6
Fresh mustard green, cleaned and chopped an inch in length 1 kg
Cups water 2
Tablepoon salt ½
Tablespoon sugar 1
hopped hot chili pepper or to your taste(option) 4

Directions to make Mustard Green Pickle

  1. Boil 6 cups water( or water that saved from rinsing rice) in a large pot. When water bubbling, add mustard green to boiling water, stirs a couple times then immediately pours mustard green into a colander to drained.
  2. Spreads mustard green on a tray or basket to let it dry out for at least 8 hours.
  3. Put 2 cups water with salt and sugar in a small sauce-pan, cook and stirs till sugar dissolved, removed from the heat and set a side to cool off.
  4. Put mustard green and chili pepper in a jar or container.
  5. Pour prepared sugar-salt water over, presses down mustard green and closed the lid tight.
  6. If store in refrigerator it will take 2 weeks before it ready to eat.
  7. If not, store it in a cool place, it will be ready in three days.
  8. If you want to eat sooner, add a tablespoon white vinegar with prepared sugar-salt water, it will be ready in just a day.
  9. Rinsed under cold water before serve.

Enjoy it with me

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